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The real estate business is extremely large and complex. When it comes to the valuation side of it there is a lot of questions and very few answers. After spending nearly a decade in real estate sales and appraisals, we wanted to create a better company. One that would help answer some of the questions to help smooth out some of the bumps that are associated with residential appraisals. 

On the lending side of things, we are implementing new technology to help reduce turnaround times, keep fees low, and reduce delays. We now offer a Client Portal that allows you to automatically send us new orders, securely exchange files, and receive automatic order updates. That means no more lost, misplaced or forgotten appraisals. 

We also know it is hard to find an appraiser. A lot of appraisers do not answer phones and take days to respond to a voice mail or email. For attorneys and CPA's, this often means you tell your clients to find an appraiser because charging by the hour can get expensive and playing phone tag with the appraiser is not in your client’s best interest. Well now you too can use our client portal. This way you can provide a better service to your clients. 

We have also made it simple to get a quote. Just click the Quote Request link above and fill in the information so we can gather the property data and get back to you within 24-48 hours. Every property is different and so is the need for the report. Therefore we provide several different options to meet your needs and budget.

Check out our FAQ, Blog, and Free Stuff pages to find helpful brochures, guides, and stories to help you with your real estate valuation questions and to prepare your home for your appraisal.

Tyson J. Boeckman

President & CEO


Buying or Selling Plans?


Whether you’re buying or selling, we are here for you to determine a market supported valuation. We can also provide you with the information you need for your journey.  Our top-notch skills ensure you get the best service.

New Construction or Renovation?


Are you planning a large renovation or building your new dream home? We tour hundreds of homes a year. We can help pinpoint design flaws that are not typically noticed or provide you with design ideas to make your home better!

Life Happens!


Life has its ups and downs, we get it and are here to help in that department as well. We can provide a fair market appraisal for your divorce or the estate of a loved one.